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The purpose of business automation is to lower costs, increase productivity, streamline workflow and improve management control. NCS Automation provides businesses with an affordable, customized and fully guided business automation solution.

Our consultants will work with you to gain an indepth understanding of your business, operations, management, workflow, and processes in order to design, develop, and implement a fully customized automation system that's a perfect fit for your requirements.

Best of all, our systems and solutions are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate your budget, schedule, and priorities.

Lower Costs   |   Increase Productivity   |   Streamline Workflow   |   Management Oversight

Types of Solutions

NCS Automation - Forms, Records, and Reports

Forms, Records, and Reports

NCS Automation - Employee and HR Management

Employee and HR Management

NCS Automation - Project, Jobs, and Production Management

Project, Jobs, and Production Management

NCS Automation - Safety Management

Safety Management

NCS Automation - Asset and Equipment Management

Asset and Equipment Management

NCS Automation - Estimates, Quotes, and Sales

Estimates, Quotes, and Sales

NCS Automation - Inventory, Materials, and Supplies

Inventory, Materials, and Supplies

NumaCorp - Client Management

Client Management

NCS Automation - Purchasing and Orders

Purchasing and Orders

NCS Automation - Training and Compliance

Training and Compliance

NCS Automation - Business Continuity

Business Continuity

NCS Automation - Client, Employee, and Vendor Self Service

Client, Employee, and Vendor Self Service

NCS Automation - IT Solutions

IT Solutions

NCS Automation - Onboarding and Orientation

Onboarding and Orientation

NCS Automation - Custom Development

Custom Development

NCS Automation - Data Management

Data Management

Affordable   |   Accessible   |   Flexible   |   Customized   |   Guided

How It Works

NCS Automation - Consultation and Planning

Consultation and Planning

Your consultant will work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business, management, operations, workflow, and processes. Then we will help you to determine your your management and automation goals and objectives. Based on this information, we will prepare a custom plan and solution.

NCS Automation - Automation Platform

Step 1: Management Platform

Our proprietary management and automation platform will server as your core management system. This includes your central database, dashboard, departments, user access, and system administrations. From here, everything else can be added by module, function or process, fully customized to your requirements.

NCS Automation - Streamline Information Flow

Step 2: Streamline Information

Paperwork, forms, records, data entry, and reports are some of the time consuming and costly tasks performed in every business. Our goal is to eliminate the paperwork by digitizing forms and records, streamline data collection and entry, centralizing the data in the database, and providing on-demand reports and updates.

NCS Automation - Process Automation

Step 3: Functions and Processes

Rather than trying to manage and automate all functions and processes across the entire business at one time, we will focus on one process stream or set of functions of the business at a time. We will streamline and automate that area and then we will move onto the next area in priority sequence.

Hands-On Planning, Development, Implement, Training, and Support

Benefits and Advantages

  • Reduce Labour and Operating Costs
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Lower Cost of Employee Management
  • Reduce Paperwork and Data Entry
  • Increased Price Competitiveness
  • Streamlined Operations and Management
  • Centralized Management and Control
  • Increased Compliance and Accountability
  • Reduce Administrations and Overhead
  • Reduce Human Errors and Waste

20 Years Experience   |   300+ Projects   |   Industry Leaders

Why Work With Us

  • Dedicated Automation Consultant
  • Custom Business Automation Plan
  • Hands-On Service, Training and Support
  • Step by Step Development Process
  • Progress At Your Own Pace and Budget
  • Fully Customized To Each Business
  • Fully Integrated Management System
  • ROI Based Planning and Design
  • Affordable Customized Solution
  • Non Disruptive Implementations

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