NCS Automation

We think of business automation solutions as a service rather than a product or a package. Our process starts with a customized plan and a fully customizable proprietary platform. From there we manage and automate one process or function at a time across departments and business areas. This customized, hands-on process allow us to provide the perfect solution for every business.


Consultation and Planning

Your consultant will work with you to gain an indepth understanding of your business, management, operations, workflow and processes. Then we will determine your goals and objectives in terms of cost reductions and productivity improvements. Based on this information, we will prepare a custom plan to outline your overall path and strategy.

NCS Automation - Consultation and Planning

Management Platform

Our proprietary management and automation platform will server as your core management system. This includes your central database, dashboard, departments, user access, and system administrations. From here, everything else can be added by module, function or process, fully customized to your requirements.

NCS Automation - Management Platform

Streamline Information

Paperwork, forms, records, data entry, and reports are some of the time consuming and costly tasks performed in every business. Our goal is to eliminate the paperwork by digitizing forms and records, streamline data collection and entry, centralizing the data in the database, and providing on-demand reports and updates.

NCS Automation - Streamline Information

Functions and Processes

Rather than trying to manage and automate all functions and processes across the entire business at one time, we will focus on one process stream or set of functions of the business at a time. We will streamline and automate that area and then we will move onto the next area in priority sequence.

NCS Automation - Functions and Processes

Automate on Demand

Another path to automation and centralized management is what we call Automate on Demand. We step up the core management platform and from there you customize and automate whatever you want, whenever you want. Whenever you want to automate a process or function, you simply tell us what you want and we will customize and integrate that module into your system. This method allows management a greater degree of flexibility to automate processes and functions as its required.

NCS Automation - Automate on Demand