NCS Automation

What is business process automation?

Business process automation utilizes a combination of procedures, processes and technology to cut costs, save time, reduce errors and increase productivity.

What are the benefits of automation?

The primary benefit of business automation are lower costs of operations, management and administration. Other benefits are a more streamlined, productive and responsive business which can better compete in the marketplace.

How much does it cost to automate?

Traditionally, the high cost of automation has limited its utilization in larger businesses and organizations. New methods, processes and technologies such as the ones utilized by NCS Automation has decreased costs by up to 90% therefore making automation affordable and accessible to small businesses.

Is it difficult to automate my business?

As with any specilized function, business automation requires a specific set of skills, knowledge, tools and experiences to successfully achieve the goals and objectives.

What's my return on investment (ROI)?

The return on investment for business automation is very high and it's long term. Typically businesses will be able to gain an initial ROI within 3 to 9 months and realize a lifetime ROI of 20 to 40 times the initial investment.

His long does it take to automate?

The traditional automation process can take years to plan, develop, deploy and implement. Our method is much fast and is broken down into days and weeks per process or group.

Will it be disruptive to my business?

While traditional business automation can be disruptive, we take a more organic and flexible approach to automation by automating one step at a time so as to minimize any disruption to the business and its daily operations.

Can I automate by myself?

So while its possible to automate on your own, it may present challenges and obstacles due to the required skills, knowledge, tools and experience in this field.

Do I need to automate? Why should I automate?

Every business should automate to remain competitive in terms of market pricing, operating costs, profit margins, productivity, responsivness and overall efficiency of the business.

What should I automate?

The first and most important part of the business to automate is the gathering, input, management and processing of information from customers, employees, vendors, contractors, departments etc. Paperwork is the single biggest cost waste in terms of labour, administrations and management. Information streamlining is the fastest and highest ROI of any automation process.

After that, select automation targets based on areas with high manual admin costs, high repetition and redundancy.

Can I automate one part of my business?

Aboslutely and if you only choose to automate one part of the business, we would highly recommend information flow streamlining and automation as it provides the highest and fastest ROI. But depending on your situation and priorities, you can automate any part of the business.

Why should I choose NCS Automation?

We have 20 years of experience in small business automation, we specialize in providing a customize solution, hands-on service, training and support and a proprietary automation platform which allows us to lower the cost of automation by up to 90%. But the most important reasons is that we are truly dedicated to helping small businesses to remain competitive through automation.