NCS Automation

NCS Automation is a part of the NCS group of services (NumaCorp) and for 20 years, we have specialized in providing custom software and automation solutions for small to medium sized businesses across many industries including construction, trades, industrial, manufacturing and more.

Our trained and experienced consultants will help you to transform your business by assessing your needs and priorities to develop a custom plan with custom solutions that suite your business. We will be there to advise, implement, train and support you every step of the way.

Business Automation as a Service

We think of business automation as a service rather than a product or a pre-packaged solution. Every business is unique, their processes and workflow are unique, their structure and management are unique. Therefore, we must be able to provide a solution thats uniquely tailored to each business.

Hands-On Service and Support

The transformation and evolution of a business can be disruptive and complicated. It can be a scary and daunting experience and thats why our consultants provide hands-on guidance and support every step of the way. By automating one step at a time, we make the process simplier, easier and more effective.

Affordable and Accessible

Business automation technologies should not be exclusive to large corporations. We believe that business automation technologies and solutions should be affordable and accesible by all businesses. Using our decades of experience and expertise, we developed a method, a process and a platform that allows us to provide business automation solutions to small businesses at a fraction of the traditional cost.